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Resolution Resource Center
Why Mediation?
Community Involvement
Resolution Resource Center Welcome to the Resolution Resource Center of the Mid-South, LLC (RRC).  Founded in January 2011 and serving the Mid-South region, RRC is located at Central Station, referred to as Grand Central Station prior to 1944, in the Historic South Main Street District in Memphis, TN. ReadMore
Why Mediation? Mediation is cost efficient.  The mediation process is a low-cost and time-efficient method to resolve disputes, unlike litigation which could take months or even years.  Mediation can often take a matter of hours, keeping money and time spent to a minimum. ReadMore
Community Involvement Resolution Resource Center is committed to community service and our employees serve in leadership and volunteer roles within our city. The following represents the organizations our firm/our center have supported through dedication of time, energy, and financial support. ReadMore

RRC Mediators

Rebecca Adelman  width=

Ms. Adelman concentrates her practice in nursing home and medical malpractice litigation. Ms. Adelman is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed – General Civil Mediator. She also provides medico-legal consulting services and educational programming to the long-term health care industry and medical profession.

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David Hooker

Since 1982, Mr. Hooker has mediated hundreds of cases ranging from divorce and other domestic matters, to civil rights and employment disputes, to contract, wrongful injury and other civil disputes. He has also developed a special practice in large scale, multi-party and public policy disputes.

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Mediation Information

Mediation is more than a Negotiation because here a trained and neutral third party assists the disputants to settle their disputes. On this website you will find information both about Mediation and the Law.

Main Content 0 Mediation Outcomes Everyone hopes to reach an agreement at the end of a mediation session. In fact, around 80% of CJC clients reach an agreement. Even if an agreement is not reached, you will have been able to clarify the issues in dispute and talk about your concerns.


Main Content 1 Getting ready for Mediation Preparing for mediation doesn’t need to take a lot of time and energy. Taking just a few steps to prepare can make a big difference on the day.
Think about the issues…
Prepare to discuss the issues you want to raise and the issues you think others might raise. These may involve difficult conversations, so think about how you might express yourself in advance. Be ready to share your ideas and give some thought to various options that may bring about a solution. Brainstorming beforehand with a friend or relative might help.